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The only ERP solution your shipping company needs

Hardly any other sector requires such a complex process management as the shipping sector. The Cloud Fleet Manager offers shipping companies an intelligent and safe management and organisation solution that eases the fleet management significantly.

Various tasks arise both ashore and aboard and several teams are responsible for these. The Cloud Fleet Manager enables both employees of shipping companies, external agencies and crews on the high seas to work interconnected and to interchange in real-time to manage all processes efficiently and reliably.

Worldwide access

Use the Cloud Fleet Manager at any time and any place due to the cloud-based application. Receive the most important information and a current overview on your smartphone. The solution is completed by a variety of high-performance apps.

Integration of the fleet into all processes

With the Cloud Ship Manager as an offline application you even handle tasks that require an interaction between land and sea. The Cloud Fleet Manager provides apps that directly integrate the actions of your crew into the processes of your fleet. An intelligent synchronisation mechanism provides full transparency.

Flexible expansion

The Cloud Fleet Manager combines all important information in one place. Your own apps and external applications serve as sources and can be connected to our public interface. Do you have your own software development department? Expand your system and integrate it into your infrastructure.

Most popular Cloud Fleet Manager applications


Intranet solution for shipping companies.

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Boost efficiency by flexible crewing processes.

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Disturbance Report

Highly collaborative service request management.

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Inspection Report

Inspections with a beneficial impact on your business.

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World Map

Stay on top of things. Visualise your whole fleet.

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Your OPEX always under control with real-time budgeting.

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How new technology can reshape shipping for success

In order to survive, stay competitive and thrive in challenging times, shipping companies need to implement smarter, faster and more effective processes. Today’s technology revolution shows the way.

Learn how a cloud-based approach helps companies accelerate business results, improve processes and stimulate innovation.

The consolidated, secured knowledge of a company is the key to successfully meeting the alternating conditions of the maritime markets. Due to the Cloud Fleet Manager we were able to recognise the potential of different segments in a 360° overview and combining these insights, could create convincing services.
Elif Güçhan
Norddeutsche Reederei H. Schuldt GmbH & Co. KG
At our size of fleet, time is an essential factor. The central master data management of the Cloud Fleet Manager enables our employees to find exactly the information, which is needed. Apps like the Inspection Report are offering the great advantage of conducting our day-to-day business from everywhere and focused on the basics.
Carsten Methe
Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG
With the assistance of the Cloud Fleet manager, we couldn’t only improve our communication between the departments in a sustainable way but were able to integrate the fleet directly into the processes for the first time. As a side effect, we could reduce the amount of sent emails and thereby the transferred data volume as well.
Sven Herma
NSC Holding GmbH & Cie. KG
By means of the Cloud Fleet Manager we could organize internal structures more efficient, reduce effort for communication and transfer of data and are enthused about the constant development and expansion of the system. We couldn’t have made a better choice than choosing the Cloud Fleet Manager for the management of our fleet.
Daniel Albers
Atlantic Lloyd GmbH & Co. KG
The Cloud Fleet Manager and its apps enabled me to run my business with a lean structure right from the beginning and manage a fleet of 30 vessels with only 10 employees. To subsist in the shipping business, you can line up with clever and user-friendly solutions as the Cloud Fleet Manager optimally for the future.
Patrick Toll
PT-Shipmanagement GmbH