Cloud Crewing

Crewing as a team

Crewing is usually depending on various international criteria and specific shipping company standards. Interaction, administration and auditing make these requirements even more complex. Many software solutions are neither helpful nor transparent – they are expensive and time-consuming. The consequence: Wasted resources and low quality of work.

Cloud Crewing focusses on building interactive teams. No matter where these teams are located, they are steadily optimising the crewing processes. Many intelligent features support the user in every phase of their daily business.

This includes also the clearly arranged dashboard. It highlights upcoming tasks and navigates you with only one click to the affected area of the application. The Performance Reporting digitalises the entire process from navigation to Crew Manager and Inspector, and simplifies the evaluation process.

The management of personal data, shift planning and reporting is only a part of our scope of service. Specific requirements like the officer‘s matrix for crewing on tankers, the preparation for payroll on board and the documentation of rest periods are also integrated.

Dynamic crew management

Receive all information concerning availability, performance, contracts or validity of documents regarding your selected staff. Use staff´s relevant expertise to build pools and save valuable time while choosing the right crew. You can also leave important notes on the dashboard of your ships and agencies.

Cooperative payroll

Your captains can easily calculate salaries and deductions and synchronise them with the office with only one click. The data is automatically connected to the different types of salary. Moreover, it supports fast decisions concerning release and implementation of billing. Direct expenses can be run via our open interfaces.

Detailed planning

The colour coding of your ships indicates which crew changes have to be prepared. The officer’s matrix, the crew numbers as well as the intelligent proposal tool simplify the selection of adequate crew members. Synchronise your planning with the Cloud Ship Manager and inform your ship management about replacement, time and place.



Benefit from efficient interactive teams on land and offshore.



The activity list shows you all modifications within staff data.



Cloud Crewing integrates other departments easily in your processes.



Connect Cloud Crewing to accounting or cash systems for better payroll accounting.

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