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Enable collaboration and exchange of information regardless of location. In the office, on the go, at home or at sea.

What if there was a better way to automate processes and increase efficiency in your shipping company?

Working from home poses a challenge for your company? Exchange of information takes up your valuable time? The maintenance and update of your currently used software is expensive and time-consuming? Do you have to be in the office constantly to work productively or have to deploy elaborate workarounds to access information while working remotely?

The current situation increases the pressure on the maritime industry, changing our daily life and putting established ways of working to the test. The accessing and exchanging of information, as well as the collaboration with colleagues, becomes difficult, if not even impossible. To overcome these challenges, a company's data needs to be efficiently managed and used, now more than ever. When time is money, having access to information in a timely manner, irrespective of location, is the lynchpin to success.

Experience the interconnection of offices, fleet and partners
Experience the interconnection of offices, fleet and partners

One solution for all your needs

Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM) gives you all the tools you need to deal with the current situation while significantly reducing your expenses. With more than 30 modules for all departments in a shipping company, CFM enables you to get rid of single-purpose applications, Excel sheets and data silos. It centralises all your data and makes it available to all your employees regardless of time or location - the only thing needed is a web browser and an internet connection. Thanks to an intuitively usable complementary software for the use on board, there is no more need to exchange information using the phone or emails. Employees in the office, crews at sea and colleagues that are working remotely all have access to one central knowledge pool.

More than 30 modules are at your disposal wherever you work from
More than 30 modules are at your disposal wherever you work from

Take your processes to the next level and upgrade to Cloud Fleet Manager

Your benefits at a glance:

  • 30+ modules for the different departments in a shipping company.

  • Completely cloud- and web-based. There is no need for installation or to buy specific hardware or servers.

  • The system can be used in any browser.

  • State-of-the-art user experience.

  • No need for time-consuming trainings thanks to intuitive usability.

  • All data is centrally available and automatically exchanged between modules.

  • Supplemented by several native apps for use on the go.

  • Increases collaboration and eases communication.

  • Makes the crew part of all processes.

  • Offered as modular SaaS. You only pay for the modules you use - No hidden costs, no front up fees, no update charges, no maintenance costs. Just a monthly fee.

  • Over 80 leading shipping companies with a total fleet of more than 1600 vessels already trust in Cloud Fleet Manager to streamline processes and increase efficiency.

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Interested to learn more? You can find detailed information on our modules and what a completely cloud-based approach to ship management can do for your company in our product brochure.

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