Efficient waste management

With industries across all sectors getting more digital, the maritime industry is no exception. One underestimated challenge onboard of a vessel is the written documentation, recording and tracking of discharged, received or transferred substances and materials as well as pollution. This can be very tedious and even more unpleasant and time-consuming when errors are detected that must be corrected eventually. To make this process less trouble-some, the IMO authorized the use of digital solutions instead of paper-based records.

CFM MARPOL Record Book is your tool to enter and manage all relevant data centrally and completely digitally. Thanks to intuitive usability and intelligently structured processes, it ensures an efficient waste management on board your vessels. The module allows you to record and keep track of all information with regards to the Oil Record Book (I + II), Cargo Record Book, Garbage Record Book, and Ozone depleting substances. By visualising the pending submissions and their respective status, the dashboard always provides the most relevant data at a glance. To make the process as convenient as possible and to ensure compliance, all data can be entered directly on board, using Cloud Ship Manager.

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