Disturbance Report

Modern service request management

Today, email is the method of choice in handling ship-related service requests. Everybody who has to organise service requests by using emails and public folders knows the downsides: Fragmentation of data, loss of information and difficulties with finding the information you urgently need.

Disturbance Report lets you focus on handling your service requests, without the hassle of email. Connect your crew on board and ashore over one platform. The Disturbance Report unleashes new potentials of cooperation. Your crew can create standardised service requests which contain detailed information such as grade of importance, attachments and the plan of corrective action.

After the synchronisation with the Cloud Fleet Manager, the service requests are immediately available on the dashboard of your responsible superintendent and corrective actions can be taken quickly. Verify content, associate required users to solve the request, monitor the progress and communicate with all participants using comments.

To change the status, simply drag and drop the service requests into different lists. The crew on board will be able to monitor your progress instantly. Since all related changes will be visible for everyone involved, they will benefit from enhanced transparency, data quality and cycle times. The Disturbance Report presents a new way of collaboration between the office and the fleet.

Clear information

Who initiated the service request? Which corrective action plan was agreed upon? What is the current status? Finding all information related to a service request can become a nightmare when dealing with emails. Not for our Disturbance Report. Just open a service request and you will find all the information you are looking for.

User experience

It is amazingly simple to get a clear overview of all service requests you, your inspection team or any other user were assigned to. You can also just focus on critical service requests by switching the individual views with one click. You want to change the status of a service request? Simply move it to the relevant status using drag and drop.

Team workflow

Service requests demand the action of superintendents, purchasers, your crew on board or even third party vendors. Disturbance Report will assist you to build efficient workflows – without hassle. Initiate a service request on board or ashore, identify your action team and perform. Cooperating on a service request has never been easier.



Save costs and time due to efficient service request handling.



Easily exchange information between office and fleet.



Instantly see the persons in charge and track the latest changes.



Benefit from the deeply integrated environment provided by Cloud Fleet Manager.

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