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Your partner on board! Optimal exchange between fleet and office


Your team on board and your personnel on shore fuse into one single team

Cloud Ship Manager (CSM) is the equivalent on board to Cloud Fleet Manager on shore. Cloud Ship Manager integrates your fleet directly into all processes, is intuitively usable and enables your crew to capture data at sea and to forward it to the office.

Cloud Ship Manager is usable in offline-mode and data is synchronised with the next data connection. Futhermore CSM allows a fast fleet update that consumes little data volume. Only changes are synchronised, no complete data sets.

Automatic updates

Fully automatic over-the-air updates of CSM on all your vessels


Automatic updating of data sets, no more excess work caused by outdated or doubled data.


Intuitive usage, no trainings for your crew required.

Modern technologies

With the use of most modern technologies and cloud-computing. CSM simplifies the daily tasks of your crew, as it reduces the complexity and enables you, to cut costs and save time.


Fully automatic over-the-air updates

With over-the-air updates, we can guarantee that the installations of updates are done fully automatically. Of course, you also have the option to initiate updates manually at the touch of a button.


Intuitive usage

When using CSM, there is no need for additional training. Due to the high usability and the self-explaining features of our application, crew members who haven't gathered any experiences with our software so far, can easily engage in the daily routine on board.


Smooth collaboration

Cloud Ship Manager integrates the crew into all processes and enables them to enter relevant data directly int othe apps using forms. Hereby, it is prevented that data must be copied manually. Thanks to the regular data exchange you can ensure that doubled or outdated data sets never again cause extra effort. CSM and CFM work smoothly together - data that is entered at one side is automatically available on the other side.

Event Reports - Your daily report

To easily gather information of your vessels, this module summarises all on board created reports and provides them on a daily basis. Our Event Report includes i. a. Begin und End of Sea Passage, Arrival and Departure Reports as well as position and the Anchorage Report, so that you are informed of the vessels’ positions, weather conditions, bunker consumptions or machine running times.


Overview of your bunker

With our bunker module, you are always informed about the bunker of your whole fleet. It gathers, when and where which amounts of drinking water and fuel need to be bunkered for counteracting bottlenecks. Furthermore, the documentation of laboratory samples concerning the bunker quality is possible.


Introduction to Cloud Ship Manager

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Curious to learn more about Cloud Ship Manager?
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