Easily comply with the ISM code

To safely operate your vessels, certain regulations and procedures must be obeyed. The ISM code lays the foundation to ensure the safety of your crew, your vessels as well as the environment. As part of your safety management system (SMS) our module enables you to fast and easily send instructions to your vessels making sure that your fleet is up to date regarding e.g. safety instructions - achieving compliance with ease. Effortlessly send company policies and work instructions (with or without attachments), or assign responsibilities aboard your ships. In addition, the possibility to use recurring forms enormously simplifies the whole process. To increase collaboration and quality of processes, the crew can add comments and proposals for improvements to all procedures.

Simple distribution

The integration of the fleet via Cloud Ship Manager enables you to create and send your instructions completely digitally. With only a few clicks, you define whether the information should be send to a single specific ship or to the whole fleet. As soon as an instruction has been noticed by the crew, you will be informed automatically.

Create a save working environment

Using the Procedures module, you can ensure that each ship complies with the mandatory safety rules and regulations, and follows the codes, guidelines, and standards recommended by the IMO, classification societies, and concerned maritime organizations. Make sure that your crew, vessels and the environment stay safe. Easily stay in compliance with the ISM code with the Procedures module.

Never lose focus

The dashboard provides a quick overview about the latest procedures, upcoming renewal procedures waiting for review and recent comments. After a procedure is send to the vessels or an existing one is updated, it is highlighted on the Dashboard of Cloud Ship Manager. Additionally, the most used procedure categories as well as the age of procedures are highlighted.



Fast and easily send instructions to your vessels to ensure compliance with the ISM code


Important information is provided on a central platform and reaches every crew member.


Promote the direct communication and exchange of information between your ships and offices.

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