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Inspection Report and Inspections & Audits

A classical inspection is very complex. Our innovative Inspection Report supports you in every respect. After comfortably filling out the questionnaire on a mobile device of your choice and completing it with comments and picture, the data is synchronised with the Inspections & Audits module. Here, you can initiate corrective actions, if necessary, and finalise the inspection.

Our Inspection-package aids you with the whole auditing process, from the creation of reports to the finalisation of the inspection, all is performed at one point.

Inspections & Audits

Efficient editing of your inspections

After having executed your inspection with our Inspection Report, data is synchronised to the Inspections & Audits module of the Cloud Fleet Manager. In this module, you can edit your observations. Define, whether Preventive or Corrective Actions shall be initiated for the fault rectification. After this step, a checklist and a to-do list will be send to your crew, so that they can immediately take action. Through this you can ensure that your fleet is in a technically perfect condition and that it can be reacted to damages and defects fastest possible.

You can handle your finished report point by point in the CFM inspections & Audits module and won’t lose track. You can assign crew members to tasks and recognise how far those have been completed with the aid of reports.

Always best prepared for the next inspection

Inspections & Audits helps you to prepare for pending inspections. With the aid of the planning function, inspections and other vessel visits can be effectively planned.

Individual questionnaire

For your inspection, you can individually assemble your questionnaire with the help of templates.

Inspection Report

Capture observations on your tablet or smartphone in an easy and comfortable way

No matter if execution or post-processing – auditing ships is a complex process. Your final report is particularly complicated because comments are usually handwritten and pictures have to be analysed.

From now on, you will need less time for this process because we offer you the Inspection Report. Everything you need for auditing we provide you on your tablet or smartphone – Whether on iOS, Android or Windows. While auditing, you simply add photos, videos, comments or voice notes to your report. Important areas in your pictures can be easily marked with the photo editing function.

Synchronise Inspection Report and Cloud Fleet Manager with only one click and make your findings available for your colleagues - always in a detailed, clear and instant way. Continue with the next audit while your colleagues start to analyse your results. Should there be need for action, you can immediately initiate corrective actions. Due to the integration of the Inspection Report into the Cloud Ship Manager, your crew is immediately informed about the results of your inspections and can instantly act.

Profit from (optional) standardised surveys for your company or set up ad-hoc-audits. No matter what you do, Inspection Report will support you to reach high-quality and precisely evaluable results. These results can be used to judge the performance of your crew and the condition of your fleet.

Work paperless

The inspection report can be completed on your tablet or smartphone. This saves paper and pencils, cameras are not necessary. You don‘t need an active internet connection for auditing. All data is provided offline. Synchronisation starts as soon as an active data connection is provided.

Expand your system

Technical and nautical inspections as well as audits and vettings become really easy. It is also possible to expand your system with your own templates. No adequate report available? No problem. Observations can be captured with the ad-hoc-report, too.

React faster

Once you have finished auditing, your report is available for all employees in the Cloud Fleet Manager. Even while travelling, the inspector can initiate arrangements for documented observations and is able to analyse the results of the reports.

Inspection Report is available for Android, iOS and Windows

The Inspection Report is available for all leading operating systems. It’s your choice, which mobile device you use for the inspection of your fleet. Use your smartphone or tablet and ensure that your fleet is smoothly on its way.

Inspection Report for Android Inspection Report for iOS Inspection Report for Windows



Observations, photos, videos and comments: All-in-one solution.



Inspection reports are finalised in one place and are available for employees.



Whether Android, iOS or Windows, Inspection Report is available for all operating systems.



Use the continuum function to work on your Windows phone like on your desktop PC.

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