Efficient circulars for your shipping company

With CFM Circulars, you easily create, maintain and send circulars. You decide, whether the circular is sent to the whole fleet or just to specific vessel types, vessels with a specific master machine, vessels that sail under a specific flag or you simply select one of the additional options. For your circulars, you can use our template and attach data or checklists at pleasure. When the circular was recognised by a crew member, our system automatically sends a notification – this ensures that every responsible person receives all relevant information.

All instructions at a glance

Due to the creation of checklists, you overview the current processing status of your instructions and can be notified by the system. Your crew can follow up on outstanding tasks, so that nothing important is forgotten.

Moreover, it can be looked through circulars that have been send in the past. This enables crew members, who haven’t been on board for a while, to inform themselves of instructions that have been made lately.

Integration of the fleet

The integration of the fleet via the Cloud Ship Manager enables you to create and send your instructions digitally. With only a few clicks, you define whether the information should be send to a single specific ship or to the whole fleet. As soon as an instruction has been noticed, you will be informed automatically.



Your crew on board gives you feedback on the processing status and is integrated into daily processes via the Cloud Ship Manager.



Reports evaluate unread circulars and outstanding checklists. Enabling you to react immediately.



Work instructions and advices reach every single employee – whether on shore or on board.

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