Central gathering and administration of all vessel’s master data

This module offers a central point to gather and administrate all vessel’s master data. This leads to a high data quality and eliminates inconsistent fleet lists.

Accurate vessel’s master data

This module is focused on a detailed listing of all relevant vessel data, subdivided into i. a. general information, dimensions, capacities and IT on board. This information is available for all employees as well as in all our other modules.

Everything at a glance

Additionally, the dashboard gives an overview of the chronological fleet growth – how many vessels were bought and sold as well as an overall view of the current fleet.

Current vessel data sheets

Vessel data sheets are created automatically out of the information saved in the CFM Particulars module. Here, the most important vessel’s master data is recorded and ready for printing.



All information at one point.



Data is available in other modules.



All relevant information accurately documented.

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