Partner Portal

Integrate your partners and external contractors into company processes

The opening for the global capital market and transparency is the order of the day. All the bigger is the demand for solutions to supply external partners with relevant information in real time. The CFM Partner Portal provides this solution: the module integrates external contractors and partners into those processes that are relevant for them and boosts a more efficient collaboration. Constant requesting and forwarding of information is no longer required.

Valuable information transfer to collaborators

The CFM Partner Portal offers a clear advantage for both the collaboration with investors and partners as well as external contractors: Service engineers, suppliers and ship owners get access to i. a. vessel schedules, crew lists, contact details of vessels or the bunker consumption. Of course, they don’t have access to internal company affairs.

Efficient process management

Our module offers an enormous and lasting saving of time for the complete fleet management. CFM Partner Portal structures the complex process management of shipping companies easier and more efficient. With a strengthened focus on the collaboration between different companies, a faster information exchange and an increased transparency is possible.

Easy definition of access rights

With only a few clicks, shipping companies define the access right for external users individually in the Partner Portal. Unlocked data can only be looked at. Entering or editing information in the Partner Portal is only permitted for the shipping company.

Insight into data on the move

The exchange or transmission of information between a shipping company and its external contractors costs a lot of time and can lead to non-uniform or incomplete data. CFM Partner Portal makes the fleet management more transparent and easier: As soon as new data is entered into the Cloud Fleet Manager, it can be looked at in the CFM Partner Portal at any time and independent from the user’s location. Not only the cloud principle but also the mobile access via tablet is facilitating this. To use this module, you only need an operative internet connection.



No trainings needed.



Strengthened collaboration between you and your partners.



Access to information via smartphone or tablet while traveling.

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