Offhires & Claims

Efficient management of Offhires & Claims

Don’t lose track of your vessels’ offhires and therewith caused costs by reasons like damage events, breakdowns or not chartered vessels. All your offhires are accurately documented.

The Claims part informs you, which claims a charterer has against your shipping company. Possible claims may be cargo, consumptions or speed claims. Every detail is documented in this module.

Key Performance Indicator

The defined KPI “Vessel Availability” enables you to validate your performance and to recognise, where demand for action is required.

Estimating costs

The CFM Offhires & Claims module gives you an overview of which vessels are currently offhire, why they are and which costs are caused by this. All offhires and claims are accurately documented.



Data is integrated into other modules: Portal, Partner Portal, World Map and CSM.



Additional information about past and pending offhires.



KPIs help to draw comparisons and to initiate improvement actions.

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