Keep an eye on your vessels’ charter

CFM Charter enables your staff to easily plan and administer your vessels’ charters. All data you need for planning and maintaining your contracts is bundled in this module. Various functions like our clear dashboard, the cash flow forecast or the timeline view are helping to do daily tasks faster and more efficient. Furthermore, a variety of informative reports, concerning e. g. the charter history, the transported goods or outstanding bills are on hand.

Clear dashboard

On the dashboard, the most relevant information is shown – from vessels without charterer over missing invoices or overdue payments to upcoming charters.

Further areas support you to bear all important aspects of chartering in mind.

Charter contract design

Draw up contracts in a few steps and let the system create invoices for you automatically. Moreover, you can record charter conditions. Define, who is liable for vessel damages or who is responsible for the seaworthy condition of the vessel.

Defining time charter contracts

The CFM Charter module offers many advantages for the contract design of time-chartered vessels. CFM Charter and CFM Schedule have a direct connection. For that reason, you are always informed about your vessels’ schedules. Furthermore, you can charge invoices at intervals or at a specific point of time. Moreover, you can define the commissions and charge the bunker.

Administration of voyage charter contracts

CFM Charter keeps useful features available for your voyage charters. The direct connection to the CFM Schedule module informs you about your vessels’ schedules. Furthermore, you can easily create invoices.

For your voyage charters, you can execute pre-calculations. After the charter-period, you can do a post calculation to check your evaluation. Graphics visualise i. a. the bunker consumption and the remaining voyage route.

Simple Cash Flow Calculation

The cash flow area provides an overview of earnings from charter agreements, divided into expected and received earnings. Moreover, it helps to conduct pre-calculations.

Visualised calendar

For a fast overview, the timeline visualises the charter periods.

Defining contract partner characteristics

In the settings, you can fast and easily maintain the charterer and broker, with which you collaborate as well as the cost types.

Evaluating reports

A variety of reports evaluate data for you and make them available listed in tabular form. The “Open Positions Report” gives you an overview of all invoiced positions.



Simple contract design, no more tedious collecting of components of contracts.



For a perfect overview of your revenues, the pre-calculation aids you.



Reports evaluate data and make them available listed in tabular form.

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