PowerBI Integration

Turn data into insights

Data is the new gold. But to enable business executives to make insight-driven decisions that are needed to achieve a company’s growth goals, data needs to be managed efficiently and analysed in a structured way. To make this possible and offer users of Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM) valuable insights into their operational data, we integrated Microsoft Power BI into our system. With this integration users can simply access CFM’s data base to process the information in Power BI. Next to the option to use a variety of predefined reports, users can also create their own reports using an assortment of templates or simply create new ones completely from scratch. All data is visualised in a clearly structured way, turning your data into insights, and immediately offering added value. By generating impactful statistics, KPIs and detailed reports users of CFM can make best-informed decisions, ensuring a continued success.

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From data to insights

All CFM modules have always included pre-defined reports to offer in-depth insights into data, with our integration of Microsoft Power BI we are going one step further: You are able to utilise any operational data from CFM to create your own powerful reports and statistics. Simply select from existing reports or create your own. You can also integrate data from other sources to create interactive, immersive statistics and reports.

Visualisation of information

An image can say more than a thousand words. And the same is true for data analytics. Thanks to straight-forward options for visualisation you can create impactful graphs to share with your colleagues within minutes. Driving a data culture across your organisation and empowering everyone in your company to make data-driven decisions.

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