Crew Portal

Keep the crew connected

With CFM Crew Portal, the management of crewing processes becomes much simpler and more transparent while reducing administrative effort. It enables your seafarers to autonomously view and manage their personal data such as certificates and to access company news and shared data. This is supported by a detailed user role concept allowing you to define access privileges just the way you need. The crew can simply view upcoming deployments, check alerts for document renewals and download relevant files on their desktop or tablet.

Crew Portal Mobile for iOS and Android

Crew Portal Mobile gives your crew the flexibility to manage and access their data regardless of location. Your crew can simply log into the mobile companion app of the Crew Portal and manage their data on the fly or check upon their next assignments using their favourite mobile device.

Want a clear overview of all our apps for smartphones and tablets? Download our Cloud Fleet Manager mobile apps fact sheet.

Crew Portal Mobile for AndroidCrew Portal Mobile for iOS

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