CFM Cashbox & Bonded Store

Simplify handling of cash on board


The Cashbox as well as the Bonded Store make it much easier to handle cash on board. Just setup your default currency cashboxes ashore and synchronise to your fleet. For a smooth transition from paper to digital work, your crew needs to register the initial balance only, and is ready immediately. Cashbox allows you to keep track of all cashbox transactions and raise a cash to master request when new money is needed.


Quick setup and currency-independent cash administration.


All transactions are documented and comprehensible, providing full overview.


Manage and handle all your transactions on board completely digitally.

Bonded Stores seamlessly integrates with Cashbox and assists you to register all transactions in your on-board shop. For both, seafarer-related transactions will be transferred to payroll automatically, therefore avoiding extra work and risk on errors. Accessing the app ashore you can monitor all transactions throughout your fleet and manage cash to master requests.


Key features

  • Currency-independent cash administration
  • All transactions are documented and comprehensible
  • All cash boxes and inventories of the fleet are always accessible from the office
  • Full visibility over all purchases on board as well as advance or cash payments
  • Option to create inventories and add minimum durability dates
  • Cash to Master request management
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Curious to learn more about CFM Cashbox and Bonded Store?

Curious to learn more about CFM Cashbox and Bonded Store?
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