December 05, 2022

CFM Updates - November 2022

This month we added 21 new features and 21 enhancements to CFM. We present our highlights of November.

By Maximilian Hagemann

CFM Updates - November 2022

We are continuously upgrading Cloud Fleet Manager, adding new functionality, enhancements and improving the overall usability. With this article, we would like to give you a brief overview of some of the greater edits to the system. For a comprehensive overview of all changes, you can visit the “What’s New” report in Cloud Fleet Manager at any time to see what exactly happened in each of our modules.

New features and enhancements

CFM Charter allows you to draw up contracts in a few steps and automatically create invoices. Easily conduct laytime calculations, forecast earnings from charter agreements and execute post calculations.

  • Adding a ‘Direct Continuation’ and selecting the affected vessel now automatically populates already given information, such as charter name, invoice company or invoice bank account, based on the continued contract. This streamlines the process of data administration.

  • Charter invoices now provide a dedicated attachment section. This allows you to manage corresponding attachments as well as attachments of payments or previously unassigned expenses.

CFM Crewing is your one-stop solution to handle all crew-related tasks centrally and in an intuitive way. From master data management of seafarers, planning the crews on board as well as their relief, the management of working and rest hours of the crew up to managing payrolls, everything can be done in one single solution.

  • A dedicated section to upload crew-management related files for individual vessels is now available via ‘Settings’ > ‘Vessels’.

CFM Off-hires & Claims lets you keep accurate records of your vessels’ off-hire periods, charterer claims and related costs. Stay informed about the causes of individual off-hire periods and react swiftly. Automated KPIs and reports make vessel availability clear, demonstrate performance and help you recognise where you need to take action.

  • The current off-hires layout was overhauled for enhanced clarity. This includes the introduction of dedicated indicating icons, such as for comments or remarks.

CFM Partner Portal gives you the option to let your partners, investors and contractors securely access, read-only internal information. Easily share relevant data like vessel schedules, crew lists and contact details. By making your partners part of internal processes, collaboration becomes more efficient and productive.

  • The information that can be provided for external partners has been extended. A vessel’s ‘Schedule’ tab now provides detailed information regarding conducted cargo operations.

CFM Purchase provides you with all sections of the purchasing process at one point in an intelligently structured manner, gives you full control over your budgets and allows your suppliers to work directly with this information. Thanks to an intuitive dashboard that features the most relevant information and upcoming tasks, CFM Purchase always focuses on what is important and streamlines the complete purchasing workflow.

  • The public API for purchase’s invoices now allows you to filter for ‘VersionStamp’. This allows you to find relevant information even quicker and more convenient. Additionally, a new API to update existing invoices is available.

  • To enhance comprehensibility, the public API for purchase delivery data now provides a ‘VersionStamp’ and the API for purchase delivery item data was extended with the ‘ItemNumber’.

  • The OPEX Report can now be filtered and exported to contain only unexpected expenses. This way you can find relevant data even faster.

  • A dedicated notification to alert a requisition’s responsible user when an order is cancelled is now available. This way, users are always aware of last-minute changes and can react accordingly without the need to manually monitor the current status.

CFM Schedules & Agents enables you to organise your fleet’s schedules and agent master-data in one shared resource and let your crew take part in schedule management. Schedules, as well as agent’s master data, can be directly entered on board and synchronised with the office, making the information automatically accessible in the Portal, Partner Portal and in your mobile app.

  • The MAC schedule’s importer logic identifies schedules per ETA and was improved. Users can now add new schedules for the next 30 days and update existing schedules. Additionally, schedules that cannot be identified will be cancelled.
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