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The constant pressure to drive further efficiencies and find operational savings continues unabated. The current situation increases the pressure on the maritime industry, changing our daily life and putting established ways of working to the test. The accessing and exchanging of information, as well as the collaboration with colleagues, becomes difficult, if not even impossible. To overcome these challenges, a company's data needs to be efficiently managed and used, now more than ever. When time is money, having access to information in a timely manner, irrespective of location, is the lynchpin to success.

To ensure that companies are able to continue their business and to maintain profitability and margins, we are offering the Efficiency Booster.

List of efficiency booster apps
The Efficiency Booster apps

Our Efficiency Booster contains 15 apps that are all part of our Cloud Fleet Manager portfolio. They streamline your business processes so that your employees can work more efficiently, thereby freeing up more time to focus on the important tasks. With our Efficiency Booster, you don't need to worry about a troublesome setup process - The Efficiency Booster works right out of the box and there is no time-consuming installation or migration necessary! The apps run natively in a web browser, so that they can always be accessed from anywhere in the world. Because we're offering this app bundle as a SaaS solution, you simply pay a monthly subscription fee for every vessel that you want to integrate with our software - There are no hidden costs!

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