The mission and vision that drives Hanseaticsoft

New ideas emerge from new thinking

We create the foundation for top performance in business competition

Hanseaticsoft offers modern software solutions to optimize workflows in shipping companies. We help companies to gain new perspectives on processes and increase business performance. Many years of developing cross-departmental software for maximum benefit made us experts in this field - not only in Germany but globally.

Thanks to our work saving and self-explanatory solutions our customers are able to cope with infobesity and the increasing challenges they have to face concerning the rapid technological advancement. To intertwine organisational structures and ways of communication is a key success factor to us.

Our vision

The world is shaped by harsh competition and cross-linked business processes. To consider the interests and demands of stakeholders, complex processes have to be simplified. Only this way business modells can be made fit for the future.

To tap the full potential of businesses, information has to be analyzed in real time and problems have to be identified before they appear. Tailor-made IT solutions for each department help to operate transparently at all time. For us, an IT solution is perfect as soon as it becomes work saving and intuitive. That way it becomes the driving force of successful business processes.

Our mission

Especially in times of information overflow, Hanseaticsoft enables shipping companies to fully overview their processes. By overcoming technological and organizational boundaries, businesses will profit from advantages within a competitive environment.

We help our clients to focus on their tasks and essentials. We pay particular attention to the comprehensibility of our system solutions to assure perfect conditions for an ideal collaboration of employees. We commit ourselves to technical competence and profound expertise.

That way we develop solutions that are easy to use, give pleasure and meet highest requirements.

The executive team

Alexander Buchmann

Chief Executive Officer

Felix Mohr

Chief Technology Officer

Thomas Gutek

Head of Products and Projects

Gordon Heger

Chief Design Officer

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