Schedule & Agents

Efficient planning and controlling of your fleet’s schedules

Schedule & Agents is our module for the simple and time-saving organisation, creation and modification of your fleet’s schedules as well as the administration of agents’ master data. Our idea of time-saving is that not only your employees ashore maintain and edit data like the fleet’s schedules but also your crew on board can be responsible for this. Data that is entered in the CFM Schedule & Agents module is available in the Cloud Fleet Manager as well as in the Cloud Ship Manager.

Clear designed dashboard

The clear designed dashboard helps you to get a quick overview of current events on board your fleet. Information like the Top 5 Ports or relevant Agents are depicted graphically. Clear lists inform you i. a. about cancelled schedules, upcoming war risk ports or bunkering.

All schedules centralised in one place

The clearly designed tab schedule informs you about pending activities of your vessels. A clearly structured list shows the ports that will be headed into and the related information like ETA, ETB, ETD and TOA for each vessel. Expressive symbols provide information about the loading and discharging of the vessel, the responsible agents and pending bunkering. Changes to the schedules can be easily made.

All agents’ master data bundled in one module

Manage all agents’ master data fast and uncomplicated. Well-maintained databases enable you to identify your contact persons easily and eliminate time consuming searching for contact details. Allot responsibilities for vessels to agents or define who your contact persons are, i. a. at the charterer’s. Your agents coordinate all occurrences in the harbour. Due to Agents, you are always informed about your contact persons on site and can contact them for important concerns.

Division of labour with the Cloud Ship Manager

With the Cloud Ship Manager, your crew is directly integrated into processes and can edit schedules autonomously by for example, entering the ETD or adapting the vessel’s position.



Information is available on both sides – office and vessels.



Benefit from the effective division of labour of your employees on shore and on board.



All schedules and relevant information at one place.

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