Vessel Certificates is available from today

Keep track of your certificates with Vessel Certificates.

Vessel Certificates is our newest app in our solution Cloud Fleet Manager for shipping companies.

At a glance you can see which certificates have expired or will expire soon.

Since there is usually more than one department which is responsible for certificates, Vessel Certificates allows you to distribute liability on different departments. In connection with Cloud Schedule you'll be warned in time if one of your vessels is about to visit a port which requires a specific certificate. Furthermore every relative certificate information will be synched and provided by Cloud Fleet Manager Ship Client.

Most important features are

  • distinct color coded dashboard with expiring and expired zertificates grouped by departments
  • manage annual and intermediate surveys
  • flexible assignment of certificate responsibilities to departments
  • assign certificates to ports
  • automatical synchronization to Cloud Fleet Manager Ship Client
  • export to Microsoft Excel

Vessel Certificates is available from today.

Written by Maximilian Hagemann
published on October 22, 2013
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