April 26, 2021

Upgrade to Cloud Fleet Manager - and take your data with you

We've established a team of dedicated data experts to make transitioning to CFM as convenient as possible.

By Maximilian Hagemann

Upgrade to Cloud Fleet Manager - and take your data with you

The maritime industry is in constant change. New regulations arise regularly, processes transform and corresponding with this, the requirements for maritime management solutions change as well. To stay competitive in this environment, companies need to use modern technology and employ innovative management solutions that help them optimise processes and increase efficiency.

Yet still, too many companies are using outdated solutions simply because they don’t want to invest in switching systems.

After all, when changing your software, you have to manually transfer all your information and invest heavily, both time and money, to get a new system up and running, right?

Not quite.

Changing your software provider isn’t as complicated as it may seem

We know that you have a variety of data in your old systems and spend a lot of resources creating and maintaining it. Even though you might think that the switch to a new system will be very time consuming and cost-intensive or that you could potentially lose data, this doesn’t need to be the case.

We established a dedicated team of data specialists to make sure that you don’t have to worry about transferring your data. We take care of the complete import while making sure that you don’t lose any information, or the integrity of your data gets jeopardised. Our professionals have a proven track record of importing data from various maritime management systems and can import any information in a fully automated way.

We’ll take care of it

Thanks to a variety of powerful APIs, we can potentially import any data from any source of information directly to Cloud Fleet Manager.
This way, there is no more hassle getting data out of your current solution and thanks to automatic imports, all existing information can conveniently get uploaded to CFM. You simply indicate which source of data you would like to have imported to CFM and we will make it possible.

Powerful APIs to import any kind of data
Powerful APIs to import any kind of data

For a quick overview, we already successfully imported data from the following solutions:

  • AMOS
  • Sertica
  • DNV (GL) ShipManager
  • Omega Crewing module
  • CrewStar
  • CrewInspector
  • MaintStar
  • StarIPS
  • InfoSHIP
  • Bluefleet
  • Kodi
  • SmartPMS

The system you are using is not listed? No worries, thanks to our dedicated team of data specialists, we can import any kind of data.

Your data needs to be cleansed or transferred manually? We can help with this, too.

Interested? Simply get in touch and we will assist you in smoothly transferring to Cloud Fleet Manager without any extra work on your side. It's that easy!

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