Update of the Circulars module

Next to several enhancements we added new features such as "Vessel Roles" to the Circulars module.

As users of Cloud Fleet Manager know, we are constantly enhancing our modules. We already updated several of our modules last year, offering our users even greater performance and responsiveness. The latest application that received a design refresh is the Circulars module, our solution to easily create, maintain and send circulars.

Following features and enhancements were implemented:

Vessel Roles in Circulars
Vessel Roles in Circulars

  • Added Vessel Roles. This feature makes it possible to send circulars to all vessels e.g. of a certain type, flag state, user team or with a certain status with only a few clicks.

  • The Dashboard has been enhanced regarding clarity, adding additional color coding enabling you to view the most relevant information even faster.

  • Added new filters to easily search for circulars.

  • Added new notifications. Users will get notified if a circular has been approved, declined or if the user has been assigned to a circular.

  • The publish and reviewing process has been optimized.

Next to the features mentioned above, following improvements were implemented:

  • You can now use our application in any browser.

  • The application has been further optimized regarding responsiveness. This way it can now also be used on smaller screens, such as tablets.

  • The overall performance of the application has been significantly increased.

  • Notifications can be subscribed to for each module. No matter which module you are using, you will always be informed about changes or occurrences that are relevant to you.

A detailed list of all changes and improvements can be found at any time in the "What's New" report of Cloud Fleet Manager.

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