The ship management of the future

Have you ever heard about the HoloLens? When fiction turns into reality!

The mobile revolution

When Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, nobody could imagine the impacts for our daily life. Before the iPhone existed, only Blackberry users were able to check their emails on a mobile phone. The access to the internet was, if at all accessible, very difficult and not fun at all. Due to the intuitive handling of the iPhone, everybody was able to access all kinds of information from the world wide web – not only from the computer at home but from anywhere in the world. This led to an explosion of apps which were supposed to make the content of the internet more beautiful and easy accessible for the user. Who doesn’t remember the module “Around Me” that used the Google Map function to lead the user to the next bank or pharmacy? But this was only the beginning. Since then, there is no daily life without a smartphone or a tablet imaginable. It didn’t even take long time that businesses discovered this advantages and adapted their processes to the new possibilities. With a mobile device, every employee is able to access all important information from anywhere or – e. g. as our Inspection Report does – to register important information, which will be uploaded automatically to the company data center. This doesn’t only speed up the process of inspections, the collected data is also directly available to the colleagues on the inspected ship. More information are available here:

The ship management of the future

The world with holograms

Prior to 2007, a lot of scenarios were sheer science fiction, such as the tablet that is used in “Star Trek – Deep Space Nine” to request the status of the engine room or to simply read a book. All this is possible today using iPad, Android or Windows tablets and we are working on using tablets within the engine room. And now, another science fiction vision becomes reality. Who doesn’t remember the scene in “Iron Man”, where Tony Stark interacts with holograms to build his armor? With HoloLens this is possible today! These glasses have integrated displays which project holograms into the room, which can be viewed from various angles and react to your gestures. This sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Convince yourself at HoloLens offers you nearly unlimited possibilities. Instead of looking at a GA plan on a screen, you could simply look at the entire ship in 3D on a table in front of you. You could virtually highlight certain areas or display the main engine. And there would be no need of being in the office for this. Via the cloud you could access your data from anywhere, you would only need to wear your HoloLens. And if you could work with HoloLens from anywhere, another question pops up: Do I still need a computer or a monitor? Because with HoloLens, screens can be projected right into a room. For an inspection not even a tablet would be needed because the questionnaire could be displayed in the room and pictures could be taken with the camera within the glasses. As I just mentioned: the possibilities seem to be unlimited. We are convinced that HoloLens will revolutionize the way we deal with data and we can’t wait to turn our ideas into action.

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