The new Event-Reporting is now available

With our new Event-Reporting, a great variety of evaluable data is at your disposal.

CFM now available with Event-Reporting

As announced in our latest blog article, we enhanced our Noon-Report and added many more reports. They will be provided in our comprised Event-Reporting module. Here you will find a summary of what you can expect.

Arrival Report

Arrival Report

The Arrival Report gives you the possibility to record your fleet’s arrival times. The information in the report are each related to single ships and enable you to display consumptions very detailed as well as to capture anchorage times of your vessels.

Departure Report

Departure Report

The departure report lets you see all your fleet’s departure times in an overview as well as it outlines the loading of your vessels additionally. For a better clarity, it is divided into types of container. Moreover, this reports offers you the opportunity to indicate detailed views of consumptions as well as remaining bunker.


EOSP Report

Additional to the vessels’ arrival and departure times, you receive from now on a summary of the time your fleet was at sea by using our Begin and End of Sea Passage Reports. All data for this purpose are automatically generated by our Schedule module.

Even more detailed Noon reports

Noon Report

The Noon Report was improved as well and enables to capture a wide range of data. This, for instance, enables you to acquire, additionally to the former indices, lay-up and anchorage times in the Noon-Report as well as engine-related information. Furthermore, you can create your own report of your vessels’ positions.

To top our innovations off, we introduced a new automatical validation of the inputted data. As a result of this you receive a much better control of your procedures, minimize the risk of faulty user inputs and increase the quality of your reports.

The mentioned topics are only a small selection of many innovations we introduced into the Cloud Fleet Manager. You can find a detailed overview in our CFM Portal at Reports -> Global -> What’s New, at any time.

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