Smart PDF import in Purchase

With our latest enhancement, you'll need significantly less time to process and manage your quotations. Thanks to A.I.!

Artificial Intelligence in CFM

Ordering processes, especially with regards to bid solicitation and invoicing, are often very time consuming. Users of CFM Purchase know that there are other ways. With our latest enhancement, you'll need even less time to process and manage your quotations in the future, because CFM Purchase gives you the unbeatable advantage of automated and AI-controlled capturing of your PDFs. Simply upload your quotations as PDF in CFM Purchase and let yourself be amazed. With our new importer, the Purchase module reads the data automatically from the PDF file and loads it directly into the application without the need to manually transfer anything - this greatly reduces the workload, especially for large files. Open your browser, start CFM Purchase, import PDFs and get started. Purchasing can be that smart and easy!

Manual transcription of data? No need to

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) underlying our importer greatly simplifies the daily tasks of the purchasing department. The AI recognizes structures in PDF formats reproducibly and correctly, regardless of layout or formatting, and can independently read out quotations in the form of commonly structured PDF files, whether from long-term suppliers or new suppliers. By simplifying the processes, employees can return to the really important tasks. In order to make the administration of your invoices also easier and faster, we are currently working on the extension of the import function for invoices. Be curious about more updates!

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