Reoccurring purchases? Single effort!

With the new option for reoccurring purchases you'll need significantly less time and can focus on what's important.

Tired of having to initiate the same order each month? We’ve got something for you

Some purchases have to be done on a reoccurring basis, often this is a tedious task that requires manual effort again and again - taking away valuable time. In line to further ease your daily tasks and to streamline processes once again, we added a new feature to our Purchase module. With the new option for reoccurring purchases you will need significantly less time to send your requisitions, orders, delivery notes and can even handle invoicing – completely automatic.

Just what you’ve been looking for

With our new feature you can explicitly plan your purchases and the level of detail is completely up to you. Whether you would like the system to only create the requisition, also automatically initiate the order or even automize the whole process up to the creation of the invoice – it’s your choice. Simply define which tasks should be done automatically and where you would like to take over again (e.g. when there are cases where you need to check an inquiry before approving an order).

Automate your processes

When setting up your reoccurring purchase you simply define up to which level the task should be automated as well as some general information such as validity, currency, budget groups or responsible users and set up your required interval. Days, weeks, months or even years – You simply define what kind of intervals you need. After selecting the respective vessels and items the system will automatically initiate your reoccurring purchase exactly as defined. No more need to manually initiate anything.

To access our new feature: open Purchase, select the “Settings” tab, click on “Reoccurring purchases” and simply add your reoccurring purchases.

It’s that easy to get your hands free to focus on what is important.

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