News in May, 2015

Improvement of World Map, a new employer and a spatial enlargement. This and more happened.

Improvement of World Map, a new employer and a spatial enlargement

As every month there are a lot of new developments at Hanseaticsoft. In May we focused on our monitoring application for fleet positions, the World Map, and improved the World Map Areas. You are now able to generate (dangerous) areas, name them and add descriptions on your own. As soon as one of your ships enters one of the defined areas you will receive an alarm to act immediately. Due to this feature, World Map can be modified individually to fit the needs of your business. After your areas have been set up, our dashboard shows you clearly where the ships of your fleet are located.


Composing information even faster

We are also very happy to present you a new feature of the Cloud Fleet Manager called the Summary. Thanks to the Summary the composing of your information will be even faster, because it shows you all information about the ships of your fleet, the position data, the schedules, the crew and the fuel consumption at a glance. The Summary will be available soon.


Welcoming a new team member

After welcoming three new employers at the beginning of the year, we are very happy to have a new support for our software engineering team. See our blog post from May 7 for more information. Click here to find more job vacancies.

Renovation goes on

Spatial enlargement is also happening at the moment.

As you have already read in January we currently expand our office. The renovation advances rapidly and soon we will move into our new rooms with a surface of about 110 m². Enjoy some impressions of our reconstruction.


Written by Maximilian Hagemann
published on May 21, 2015
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