News from July, 2015

We took advantage of July to enhance the Cloud Fleet Manager with a lot of new features.

We took advantage of July to enhance the Cloud Fleet Manager with a lot of new features.

Cloud Fleet Manager Complements and Updates

After providing status information on our dashboard from DNVGL we now integrated data from Mespas. Thus you can use all maintenance status information and see them at a glance.

But also in other areas a lot of things have happened. We added permanent contracts to our Crewing Module, so that you are now able to plan your staff, define the leave pay and receive the crew schedule in a clear timeline.

Due to the new cash flow forecast the Charter App allows you to calculate the previewed income of your ships. This feature helps you to plan even better.

Moreover we completed the Partner Portal. It helps you to involve your partners in internal processes. Furthermore you can provide them with insights of your schedules, crew lists or give them an overview of fleet positions. There is no complicate communication anymore to order spare parts or to coordinate delivery times.

All relevant data is already integrated in the Cloud Fleet Manager and is provided to your external users according to defined access rights. This allows you to keep all parties on the same state of knowledge without causing additional effort. Your advantage: You record data only one time to provide it for internal and external users. Moreover you meet all individual needs due to a dynamic access control that shows only relevant information.

Steadily growing

After welcoming Lukas as a new member of our design team we now count more than 20 employees at Hanseaticsoft. Fortunately the expansion of our office is taking quick steps forward, so that we can soon use our additional 110m². We are really happy about this continuous growth of our team!

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