News from April 2016

We would like to present you this month's highlights.

As every month, we would like to give you an overview on the newest happenings at Hanseaticsoft. A lot has happened and we would like to present you our highlights.

Inspection & Audits

  • If you spotted a demand for action during your inspections and initiated a corrective action, you can attach pictures to this now.
  • For the planning of pending inspections, we added a timeline-view for a better overview. Additionally, we increased the speed of the export process.

Inspection Report

We increased the efficiency of our Inspection Report App massively. This enables you to use the app on less powerful Windows 10 smartphones.

Furthermore, we published a new video on YouTube featuring our Inspection Report. You can watch the video here.


Due to a new import function, we can now import shipmanager certificates, provided by DNV GL, to our Certificates module.

Portal updates (reports, reports, reports)

Additional to the introduction of our new Event-Reporting and the therewith connected amount of new reports, we have made some changes on the Portal.

  • We added a new Maintenance History Report that shows the monthly overdue tasks for a certain period of time.
  • Moreover, you can rate the performance of your seamen in our Performance Report and add it directly to the system.


Now, you can add agents to your schedules directly on board.


  • With our new “Laytime Calculation” you can calculate costs for demurrages and despatches of your voyage charters.
  • Now, you can export a list of your vessels that are currently not chartered to Excel.
  • The new Charter History Report enables you to summarise the latest charters of your vessels.


We did some adaptions of our Crewing module as well.

  • Once a crew member comes off the ship, the Cloud Fleet Manager sends a notification via e-mail.
  • It is now impossible to assign any tasks to inactive crewmembers.
  • Furthermore, you are able to export the flight tickets of your seamen as a PDF-file.

Due to the variety of our innovations, we can only give you a short overview. You can find a detailed listing at the Cloud Fleet Manager’s report-area “What’s New” at any time.

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