June 07, 2020

The all new payroll settings in Cloud Crewing

We made several adjustments to the configuration options, further easing the management of your payrolls.

By Maximilian Hagemann

The all new payroll settings in Cloud Crewing

Cloud Crewing is our solution for the smooth handling of all crew-related processes, such as master data management of seafarers, planning crews on board as well as their relief, management of working and rest hours of the crew, detailed crew-related reports, and the complete and automated billing of the crew.

To further enhance usability and streamline processes, we recently updated our crewing module focussing particularly on the settings of our Payroll solution. There are some major enhancements and updates included in the latest release that we would like to present to you. For a comprehensive list of all new features and changes to Cloud Crewing, visit the “What’s New” report in Cloud Fleet Manager at any time.

Payroll Settings

Detailed version-based configuration options right up to contract- or assignment-level

Managing the payrolls of dozens, if not hundreds of different seafarers with a variety of different nationalities and regulations can be painstaking. This becomes particularly apparent when considering that next to generic payrolls there is a variety of other factors that have to be taken into account and require high attention to detail: specific agency or nationality requirements, special agreements for particular seafarers or even assignment-based specifics. Having to deal with all these restrictions and conditions can cause an immense amount of additional workload.

Hence, we decided to ease management of your payroll settings by implementing configuration options for certain levels of detail. This will give you much more flexibility when responding to the demands of your daily business by tailoring payroll settings exactly to your needs. For example, it is now possible for seafarers to hold individual payroll settings that apply to all assignments / permanent contracts, or to define that wage scales hold individual payroll settings that apply in general or only to seafarers belonging to a specific manning agency or nationality. Additionally, payroll settings are now version-based, i. e. they effectively apply as of the specific payroll month you defined.

A detailed overview of the new options available to customise your payroll setting can be found in our Payroll Settings – Quickstart Guide. For in-depth information on all existing and new functionality of Cloud Crewing Payroll, please take a look at our comprehensive Cloud Crewing Payroll manual which you can download from our online Helpdesk.

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