New colleagues in our team

We are continuously growing and have reached more than 30 employees. Here, our new colleagues introduce themselves.

To further broaden our competences, we have grown again. Here, our new employees introduce themselves.

Hi, I’m Sebastian.


At the beginning of the year, I did a two-weeks internship at Hanseaticsoft. During this time, first basics of programming were imparted to me and I’m glad I could start my apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development subsequently.

Before I started my internship, I had temped at a day care center. A good friend, who already has worked at Hanseaticsoft, caught my interest in programming and I ascertained that my future wouldn’t be in childcare but software development.

In the following weeks, I will be concerned with programming to support the service department in future. In my leisure time, I catch up with friends and like cooking.

Hi, I’m Alex.

Alex Treff

Currently, I’m studying informatics (degree course Computational Informatics) at the Hamburg University of Technology and will receive my bachelor’s degree next year and will then continue with the Master’s study program.

After I had been in search of work for a longer period, I started working at Hanseaticsoft as a student employee at the beginning of April and will mostly fulfill tasks concerning the backend. But I will fulfill single tasks at the frontend as well. Right now, I’m concerned with the CPS and will extend its functionality step by step.

From the beginning I felt very welcome. The casual way of dealing with each other, the flexible working hours and the good location of the office are great. The work areas, regarding the technology, are well-equipped and we work with modern tools. As a last point, I would like to mention our goodies shelf ;) as well as the refrigerator, which is always filled with drinks.

In my leisure time I like going to concerts and festivals (expensive hobby!) and catching up with friends. Of course, I’m interested in technology, especially IT-safety.

Hey, I’m Alex, too.

Alex Tingel

Five years ago I received my bachelor’s degree in information technologies and additionally studied physics at the University of Hamburg until the end of the previous year. While I was studying physics, I worked for NXP as a system programmer. Since one month, I have been working on my master’s degree in information technologies and support the development department as a student employee.

After I had been busy with hardware focused programming for four years, I wanted to devote myself more to software. A friend of mine has recommended me to apply to Hanseaticsoft, what I did. Now, I’m glad about being part of the team, the collegial atmosphere is gorgeous.

Except the typical “watching films and playing videogames” hobbies, I’m a cycling enthusiast and do a couple of bicycle journeys a year. Concerning non-outdoor-sports, I practice poledance two times a week.

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