MRV - IMO DCS update

All geared-up for the new IMO regulation with Cloud MRV & IMO DCS. Free of charge for users of Cloud MRV.

The EU MRV regulation has become effective at the beginning of this year and there is already a new regulation to be considered: IMO-DCS. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has adopted a mandatory Data Collection System (DCS) for international shipping, requiring ships above 5,000 gross tonnage to start collecting and reporting data to an IMO database from 2019. Same as the EU MRV regulation, the IMO-DCS has been developed in the context of reduction of greenhouse gases, and with the target to measure, and potentially reduce the CO2 emissions in the maritime industry, EU MRV and IMO-DCS schemes overlap in various areas.

What’s the meaning of this?

  • Ships 5’000 GT and above will have to submit annual reports on fuel consumption and transport work to their administration, according to the methodology set out in the Ship Energy Efficiency Monitoring Plan (SEEMP).
  • The 2012 Guidelines for the development of a SEEMP have been revised accordingly and new 2016 guidelines were adopted at MEPC (Resolution MEPC.282(70)).
  • Aggregated data will be reported to a ship’s flag state after the end of each calendar year, which will need to verify that the data has been reported in accordance with the requirements before issuing a statement of compliance to the ship.
  • Administrations will submit aggregated data to IMO for anonymized publication.

Fortunately, synergies can be utilized by selecting one provider that is likely to cover both schemes. Which is why we expanded our MRV module.

All geared-up with Cloud MRV & IMO DCS

We have extended our MRV module to the full-featured MRV & IMO DCS module – adding all relevant formulas for the calculation as well as a separation into distinctive IMO and MRV areas in the report section of our software to display only the relevant data. Additionally, we have expanded the interface in the module to facilitate the distinction between MRV and IMO-relevant data.

What does that mean for our customers? If you already use our Cloud MRV module or the Event Reporting, you get the new features to ensure IMO compliance, free of charge – this way you are already well prepared for the new regulation and do not have to worry about anything. If you would like to learn more, simply get in touch.

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