Inspection Report now available for Continuum

We enhanced the Inspection Report again to simplify the process of auditing ships even more.

To simplify the process of auditing ships even more we enhanced the Inspection Report again to support Continuum.

We are happy to announce that the new Microsoft Continuum feature, which we implemented right after its launch in last year’s December, opens up completely new ways of working.


Turn your Windows 10 Smartphone into a PC

The inspector is now able to simply connect his Windows 10 smartphone to a monitor and continue to work on it. There is no need for any additional downloads.

The Inspection Report app now acts like a regular desktop program. Using this feature the inspector is additionally able to attach a keyboard as well as a mouse via Bluetooth or USB to his smartphone. This way the Continuum-mode makes it possible to work with a smartphone just as convenient as with a PC.

An Office in your pocket

With this update the mobility of the inspector is increasing even more. There is no necessity to carry a laptop with you anymore. Everything you need for the process of inspecting ships now conveniently fits into your pocket.

by Maximilian Hagemann
on March 8, 2016
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