Hanseaticsoft at the Smart Procurement 2016

On 21st June our CEO will attend at the Smart Procurement 2016 in Singapore.

On 21st June, ShipServ will arrange the Smart Procurement 2016 in Singapore where the future of marine procurement and the role of technology as an enabler will be discussed. Topics that will be approached are:

  • Shipping 2030 – view from world-leading futurist
  • Reducing OPEX with technology
  • The future of marine procurement – leading owners and managers discuss what happens next
  • Does quality matter? Defining quality spare parts and why it’s important
  • Role of ‘big data’ in shipping companies and ship managers
  • Marine software – what does the future hold for fleet management software?

ShipServ is the world’s largest maritime e-marketplace, helping marine and offshore purchasers to find the best suppliers easily, trade efficiently and build trusted relationships.

In honor of this occasion, our CEO, Alexander Buchmann, will be on site. If you should be guesting in Singapore and are interested in an appointment with Mr. Buchmann, don’t hesitate to [contact us](mailto:info@hanseaticsoft.com?subject=Appointment Singapore).

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