Digitalization as a factor of success for tomorrow´s shipping industry

According to a study of PriceWaterhouseCoopers the digitalization of shipping companies is key to economic growth.

According to a study of PriceWaterhouseCoopers the digitalization of shipping companies is the key to economic growth. Since the financial crisis the shipping market has not jet recovered and is confronted with problems of less work load and lower charter rates. To save costs, shipping companies are searching for innovative ideas concerning fleet optimization and collaboration as well as processes and communication.

The mentioned study interviewed 104 German shipping companies and asked them about the perspectives of their business area. One of the core questions was about how the efficiency of ships, shipping companies and their core processes could be improved. The results were clear: Among others the costs for transport and digitalization are the highest. To achieve competitive advantages and efficiency aims PriceWaterhousCoopers points out factors such as efficient IT, improved communication and more flexible software.

Important topics of digitalization are smart shipping but also security and maintenance processes. The simplification of audits and inspection processes and the reliable, integrated rework is the focus here. Under the aspect big data the data streams at sea and on land have to be harmonized and also to be provided on all mobile devices to reduce response time and to save costs.

Eight out of ten decision makers expect that digitalization is increasing in an extreme way within the next years. The digital bridge is the connection between the ship, the shipping company and the partner onshore, therefore transparent access to common information and mutual acting is getting more and more important.

The modular solutions of our Cloud Fleet Manager belong to the most innovative software products for successful shipping company management. It is our aim to provide all data everywhere and at all times in a consistent way. This is the only way efficiency, quality and speed of action can be improved at the same time.

Audit and inspection processes state a good example for achieving innovation leaps with the help of modern technology. The CFM Inspection Report for example optimizes all process steps of quality management and is highly demanded.

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Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers, “Größer, internationaler, digitaler: Perspektiven für deutsche Reedereien”, 2014

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