Cloud Ship Manager data transfer update

We updated the installation and data transfer process for CSM. Simply click “install” and you are good to go.

The Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM) is known throughout the industry not only for being the only true cloud-based solution for efficient ship management but also, for offering unparalleled ease of use. To uphold this reputation, we developed a new tool to make the exchange of data with our onboard solution, Cloud Ship Manager (CSM), as easy as possible.

In the past we were reliant on 3rd-party software such as Telaurus or AmosConnect to transfer data between office and vessel via email. The new tool makes it possible to exchange data directly between the fleet and the office using Direct Cloud Connection. There is no more need to do any complicated configurations in your email system.

Best of both worlds

As the VSAT technology is making the internet increasingly more available at sea, we are offering our customers the best of both worlds. Leaving CSM as an offline application guarantees that your crew has always access to relevant information, even though there might be no active internet connection at the moment. As soon as data has been changed, it is synchronised with the cloud.

Smooth and effortless installation

Simply send the setup files to your vessels, all that is left to do is to click on “install” and you are good to go. We updated the Cloud Ship Manager documentation accordingly, you can find all information regarding the setup in CFM Ship Client Manager.

As soon as the installation process is done there is no more need for any adjustments or additional configurations. You are directly linked to the cloud and your crew can start working.

Please note: Users that are currently using data transfer via external Advanced File Transfer (AFT) or email don’t need to change anything. We will continue supporting all kinds of data transfer.

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