Cloud Fleet Manager design refresh part two

We continue to optimize our modules, offering even greater performance, usability and responsiveness in any browser!

It’s that time of the year again – the days are growing shorter, it is getting colder and hardly any daylight to be seen, but we still have something to brighten your day.

Going the extra mile

As times change, new technologies arise and since we are passionate to always offer the most modern applications we are continuously updating our modules, currently giving them a design refresh.

Our system now offers you even greater performance, usability and responsiveness. Taking Cloud Fleet Manager to the next level, you can now use it in any browser and even on devices with smaller screens such as tablets.

We already updated several of our modules, with our Particulars and Employees modules being the latest addition.

Increased performance, usability and responsiveness - in any browser
Increased performance, usability and responsiveness - in any browser!


  • We implemented a variety of additional vessel data into the Particulars module. Further on, we added options to maintain the vessel’s name and flag state history.

  • If the flag state or name of a vessel changes, you can now subscribe yourself to notifications to be immediately informed.

  • We overhauled the user interface of the module. Thanks to the restructuring of the different areas of the module, it is now even more comprehensible than it has been before.

  • We added a dedicated view for all vessels that you are responsible for.


  • We did an overall rework of the Employees module to increase usability by adding filters, grouping and color coding.

  • Concerned about GDPR compliance? Don’t be. We added a dedicated settings section to provide you with all GDPR related options at a glance. Furthermore, your HR department can define whether birthdays or dates of employment for each individual employee should be visible in the Portal.

  • Country specific public holidays can now be managed. Easily create holidays that are specific for certain countries and define which country specific holidays apply to all or particular employees. Additionally, you can simply define company specific public holidays for holiday seasons such as Christmas or general days off.

  • We added a new list “Ending Probation Periods” to the dashboard, showing employees whose probation period is due to end within 14 or less days.

  • We added the option to filter activities on personal records. Thanks to a full-text search feature you can now track changes even faster.

  • We refined the employee filter. By improving the navigation and implementing instant results, finding your employees’ data has never been easier.

  • For a faster reviewing and approval process, the respective absence type (normal, special leave, overtime compensation) is now displayed on the Dashboard, which also enables you to directly access your employee’s data without the need to switch tabs.

  • The latest employee records or reports you have accessed will now be remembered when switching tabs.

  • New icons for the absence types “special leave” and “overtime compensation” have been added.

A detailed list of all changes and improvements can be found at any time in the "What's New" report of Cloud Fleet Manager.

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