Cloud Fleet Manager design refresh

We are optimizing our modules offering you even greater performance and responsiveness - in any browser!

Next level cloud applications

Our Cloud Fleet Manager is known throughout the industry for being very user friendly and intuitively usable. We achieved this by always using the latest technology. But as time goes by new technologies arise and as we are passionate to always offer the most modern applications we decided to overhaul all our modules and give them a new fresh design - taking the CFM to the next level.

We are constantly releasing updates and enhancements for the CFM. That’s why we are currently rolling out our modules as soon as they are ready, sparing our customers the wait for the complete portfolio.

The following modules have already been optimized:

This gives you many advantages:

  • You can now use our applications in any browser.
  • The applications have been further optimized in regard to responsiveness. This way they can now also be used on smaller screens, such as tablets.
  • The overall performance of the applications has been significantly increased.
  • Notifications can be subscribed to for each module. No matter which module you are using, you will always be informed about changes or occurrences that are relevant to you.

Next to the enhancements mentioned above, following features were implemented:

  • The Offhires & Claims module has been extended with its own settings area. This means that off hire types can now be maintained directly in the module.

  • Our Schedule and Agents modules have been combined in both the Cloud Fleet Manager and Cloud Ship Manager into the Schedule & Agents module. In addition, the user interface of the module has been revised for better clarity and usability. This facilitates the maintenance of the agent master data, especially at sea.

  • The Blog module dashboard has been redesigned to give you the ability to view the most relevant information even faster.

  • For an optimal overview, the locations of all ports and yards in the Ports and Yards module are now visualized based on a section of the World Map.

  • In the Certificates module, both the Dashboard and the usability of certificate maintenance have been optimized.

A detailed list of all changes and improvements can be found at any time in the "What's New" report of Cloud Fleet Manager.

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