Cloud Crewing is now available with Rotation Planning

Rotation Planning with Drag & Drop - Plan your crews even faster.

Say goodbye to uncertain planning

With the newest function of Cloud Crewing the planning of crew changes will be a lot faster. As usual we provide you with all information concerning your crew at a glance – with our newest function future planning will be easier, too.


Crew planning one year ahead

Thanks to the new Rotation Planning you are now able to plan your crew months ahead within a few minutes. Simply select a ship and the service grade et voilà you see your current crew, the time they spent on board and a selection of available seamen at a glance.

Due to the new Drag & Drop function you are now able to organize your crew for certain periods and assign them to ships of your fleet. Temporal overlaps are indicated immediately so that you can plan even more accurate.

Rotation Planning

For example: If you want to replace your chief engineer and your master on five ships at the same time, you only click on the respective ships and service grades to receive the relevant seamen immediately. They now can be assigned to the appropriate ships and on-board time can be easily defined.

Achieve new goals

Support your crewing department with the new Rotation Planning and achieve new goals with Hanseaticsoft!

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