December 05, 2021

CFM Updates - November 2021

This month we added 24 new features and 37 enhancements to CFM. We present our highlights of November.

By Maximilian Hagemann

CFM Updates - November 2021

We are continuously upgrading Cloud Fleet Manager, adding new functionality, enhancements and improving the overall usability. With this article, we would like to give you a brief overview of some of the greater edits to the system. For a comprehensive overview of all changes, you can visit the “What’s New” report in Cloud Fleet Manager at any time to see what exactly happened in each of our modules.

New features and enhancements

CFM Crewing is your one-stop solution to handle all crew-related tasks centrally and in an intuitive way. From master data management of seafarers, planning the crews on board as well as their relief, the management of working and rest hours of the crew up to managing payrolls, everything can be done in one single solution.

  • You now can define payroll settings, that are specfic to a seafarer to enhance the customization of payrolls.
  • To give you more flexibility in payroll calculations, we allow you to define payroll settings that are specific to an assignment of a seafarer.
  • With our latest update, you can easily comply with GDPR, by defining whether specific assignment documents should be displayed in CFM Partner Portal or not. You can determine this by setting the new checkbox 'Show in Partner Portal' under Settings > Documents > Assignment Documents.
  • For GDPR reasons, it is now possible to lock personal data records of seafarers and add a lock remark.
  • We extended the Assignment data by a new field "Takeover Command" which allows you to specify when a newly embarked seafarer effectively took over command of his destined position on board.
  • We are highlighting documents of planned or on-board seafarers, that become invalid after their assignment plus your defined warning period. This ensures you, as a Crew Operator, are always up to date concerning expiring documents and can just in time initiate counter measurements, such as assignment prolongation or revalidation without compromising your daily operational business.
  • You can now select a variety of planning statuses for your relieving crew assignments. These statuses are reflected in the related planning views as well.
  • The seafarer search filter option "Only confirmed plannings" was changed to "Only approved plannings". If you apply this option, you will get only seafarers with planned assignments in status "Approved" or above.
  • We extended the available planning status of assignments to reflect them more accurate and meet a variety of business needs. These statuses are i.e., but not limited to, ‘Created’, ‘Approved’, ‘Ready’.

  • A variety of planning statuses that can be used for your relieving crew assignments were added. The actual planning status is now reflected in the seafarer's record and the search and suggestions list for possible relievers.

CFM Crew Portal makes the management of crewing processes much simpler and more transparent while reducing administrative effort. It enables your seafarers to autonomously view and manage their personal data such as certificates and to access company news and shared data.

  • We added a list for “Company Links” to the CFM Crew Portal which shows any record from the CFM Link list to make it easier to share certain records with your seafarers.
  • We introduced the option to select a variety of planning statuses to assign to your relieving crew. Now, those statuses will be reflected in the related planning views as well.

  • A color indicator on the 'Documents' tab of the seafarer profile now reflects the worst status of all documents informing you when you need to take action.

  • We have extended the functionality of our link list in CFM Miscellaneous by allowing links to be made available in the Crew Portal by checking the respective checkbox.

CFM Incidents enables you to seamlessly document any incidents or near-misses that occurred on board your vessels. After an event has been documented, corrective or preventive actions can be defined as well and are then automatically synchronised with the office.

  • When adding or editing a vessels location, you can now assign whether this has a position, a port or both. This information is displayed correlating when you add or edit an event. This reduces the amount of displayed information to the necessary limit and therefore improves the user experience and usability.

CFM MRV & IMO DCS enables you to easily record and analyse all key figures required to achieve compliance with both the EU MRV and IMO DCS regulations. The required data can be entered directly on board, all further calculations are carried out automatically in the system, you only have to forward the results.

  • By extending our existing MRV export, it is now possible to also cover the UK MRV voyages in the upcoming MRV-checks.

CFM Partner Portal gives you the option to let your partners, investors and contractors securely access, read-only internal information. Easily share relevant data like vessel schedules, crew lists and contact details. By making your partners part of internal processes, collaboration becomes more efficient and productive. Just share the individual login details and your partners can easily access data by desktop or mobile browser. Exchange of information via email will be a thing of the past.

  • Assignments were extended by the company role "Customer". The related company will be retrieved and updated automatically from vessel particulars based on the assignment start date. In combination with the option to assign users of CFM Partner Portal to "Customer" companies you can make sure that those users will be able to access seafarer assignment data matching the same "Customer" only via the CFM Partner Portal Crewlist

  • We extended the list of possible assignment statuses including a respective visual representation by meaningful icons. This will allow you to better structure your planned assignments based on your internal needs. Do you just want to plan a seafarer? Keep it in status "Created", you need to follow an internal workflow? Set status to "proposed" and update status to "approved" after you got feedback from your third-party client or superior. The planning status can be updated comfortably via the assignment itself or directly in your planning views. Of course, the planning status is reflected in all related overviews so you can see at a glance which assignments need further action to finally reach the status "ready". Finally, we extended the seafarer search allowing you to search for seafarers with assignments in a specific planning status.

CFM Procedures enables you to send instructions to your vessels fast and easily, making sure that your fleet is up to date regarding e.g. safety instructions - achieving compliance with ease. Effortlessly send company policies and work instructions, or assign responsibilities aboard your ships.

  • The previously viewed form is now highlighted when the browser's back button is clicked.

CFM Purchase provides you with all sections of the purchasing process at one point in an intelligently structured manner, gives you full control over your budgets and allows your suppliers to work directly with this information. Thanks to an intuitive dashboard that features the most relevant information and upcoming tasks, CFM Purchase always focuses on what is important and streamlines the complete purchasing workflow.

  • We implemented the "Place of Delivery" into the inquiry view to increase the comprehensibility and ease the comparison of your inquiries.
  • We added a simple one-click export for the complete activities and therefore history of any given requisition. This way it becomes even easier to prove to external owners or stakeholders of any kind that you are doing your job as intended.

CFM Templates is the collection of all your templates. Hamper differences in layouts and simplify the understanding on both your customers’ and your side. We offer you all templates for the respective departments of your company. Whether employment contracts, order forms, voyage or time charter invoices, vacation requests or generic forms: With CFM Templates you are all geared up.

  • The Seafarer Card Template was extended, for the sake of completeness, with another merge field for bank details, called ‘Bank Code’.
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