September 07, 2021

CFM Updates - August 2021

This month we added 38 new features and 26 enhancements to CFM. In this article, we present our highlights of August.

By Maximilian Hagemann

CFM Updates - August 2021

We are continuously upgrading Cloud Fleet Manager, adding new functionality, enhancements and improving the overall usability. With this article, we would like to give you a brief overview of some of the greater edits to the system. For a comprehensive overview of all changes, you can visit the “What’s New” report in Cloud Fleet Manager at any time to see what exactly happened in each of our modules.

New features and enhancements

CFM Accommodations lets you easily manage the cabins and bunks on board your vessels as well as arrange respective cleaning or maintenance services. Just like our other modules, CFM Accommodations offers a variety of options for the export of data. Thus, allowing you to process the data in other systems or use them for other purposes.

• The existing dashboard list 'Bunks' was split into two sections displaying bunk and cabin information. Additionally, the list informs you about cabins that are completely free for the present day. With this feature you can immediately see which cabins can be used to allocate bunks for unexpected guests from your company or the vessel owner.

CFM Cashbox & Bonded Store makes it much easier to handle cash on board. Just setup your default currency cashboxes ashore and synchronise to your fleet. For a smooth transition from paper to digital work, your crew only needs to register the initial balance and is immediately ready. Cashbox allows you to keep track of all cashbox transactions and raise a cash to master request when new money is needed. Bonded Stores seamlessly integrates with Cashbox and assists you to register all transactions in your on-board shop.

• You are now able to retrieve information on reversal transactions using the Bonded Store API.

• We extended our Cashbox & Bonded Store APIs once again: We added a new field '(seafarer) Creditor No.'

• It is now possible to have a sell price of 0,00 for new Items in the 'Bonded Store Inventory'. This way you can also monitor your stock for items that are available for your crew, charter personnel or port authorities free of charge.

CFM Crewing is your one-stop solution to handle all crew-related tasks centrally and in an intuitive way. From master data management of seafarers, planning the crews on board as well as their relief, the management of working and rest hours of the crew up to managing payrolls, everything can be done in one single solution.

• When exporting data from the 'Seafarer Search' section, users can now specifically select the columns they want to be included in the export rather than having all data automatically exported.

• You can now export Meals & Lodgings for the complete list of non-crew passengers from CSM Crewing under Crew List > Non-Crew > Export > Meals & Lodgings.

• The Dynamic Crewlist export now includes visa data of seafarers and non-crew passengers.

• The available functions for non-crew passengers in CSM Crewing were extended. With the option to enter data, such as identity and travel documents, work shifts, and additional properties of external visitors or partners, various new actions are now available.

• A new field was added to the assignment data of a seafarer within CSM: 'Takeover Command'. It allows you to specify when a newly embarked seafarer effectively took over command of his destined position on board. This feature allows to measure whether the planned handover periods are sufficient and if not, derive further activities.

• The 'Export Import Template' function was moved from the 'Import' popup to the 'Export' popup.

• If a seafarer has multiple valid passports, the details of all passports are now included in the 'IMO Crewlist' and 'Dynamic Crewlist' export. This way, it is ensured that the data is complete and consistent with data entered in the system.

• When creating a performance report for the same evaluation period as an existing mandatory performance report, they are linked and the mandatory performance report is complete.

CFM Event Reporting lets you make the most of your data and gain real insights into the performance of your fleet by monitoring a wide variety of key figures. By monitoring reports about times of arrival and departure, the begin and end of sea passage (BOSP/EOSP), bunker consumptions, times of anchorage or lay-up as well as noon reports, CFM Event Reporting lets you see the big picture of your fleet – enabling you to conduct further analyses.

• A new dashboard list is available pointing out any recent time-based reporting gaps and allows you to create a report to fill that gap, accordingly. It's called 'Reporting Gaps'. This way, users are directly made aware of reporting issues and can react accordingly.

• A new list was added to the dashboard: 'Overlappings'. It displays any recent, time-based event reports that are overlapping. This allows you to easily identify where any action needs to be taken.

CFM Incidents enables you to seamlessly document any incidents or near-misses that occurred on board your vessels. After an event has been documented, corrective or preventive actions can be defined as well and are then automatically synchronised with the office.

• To enhance comprehensibility, it is now possible to add involved persons to every event type in incidents.

• A new list with all recent comments made on incidents in CFM and CSM was added to the dashboard tab called 'Recent Comments'. This feature allows you to easily grasp the current situation for your incidents and take action were required.

CFM Inspections & Audits lets you easily prepare and manage pending inspections. With extensive planning features and the option to create templates for your questionnaires, CFM Inspections & Audits makes sure that you are always best prepared for upcoming inspections and have a complete overview of all tasks.

• A new list showing all open preventive actions assigned to the user that is currently logged in is available on the dashboard tab 'My Preventive Actions'. The list allows you to easily identify any open tasks that you need to carry out.

CFM Maintenance allows you to plan your maintenance work centrally, precisely and according to your requirements. It gives you full visibility of your fleet status and lets you regain control over the maintenance jobs of your fleet.

• Class codes have been added to the job history to allow jobs to be sorted by class codes if necessary.

• In order to be able to map more restrictive processes, clients have the option via a setting to only having the jobs done by the ranks that are also assigned to the corresponding job.

• You can now manage permissions to add, edit, and delete counters.

CFM Procedures enables you to send instructions to your vessels fast and easily, making sure that your fleet is up to date regarding e.g. safety instructions - achieving compliance with ease. Effortlessly send company policies and work instructions, or assign responsibilities aboard your ships.

• We added a filter to the 'Recently Changed Procedures' on your dashboard, enabling you to immediately find the information you are looking for.

CFM Purchase provides you with all sections of the purchasing process at one point in an intelligently structured manner, gives you full control over your budgets and allows your suppliers to work directly with this information. Thanks to an intuitive dashboard that features the most relevant information and upcoming tasks, CFM Purchase always focuses on what is important and streamlines the complete purchasing workflow.

• The public order API now additionally returns the budget group of each requisition on an item level even if requisition level is selected.

• Additionally, the public order API does not return rejected items anymore.

• A new field for the registration of delivery reference numbers is now available.

With CFM Schedule & Agents you can organise your fleet’s schedules and agent master data in one shared resource while letting your crew take part in schedule management. Schedules, as well as agent’s master data, can be directly entered on board and synchronised with the office, making the information automatically accessible in CFM Portal, CFM Partner Portal and in your mobile app. This way you are always up to date and aware of all changes.

• You can now assign the relevant ISPS security level for a port when creating a new schedule entry on the 'Schedule' tab.

• We enhanced the API behaviour: Add Communication details in the GetAgent Methods. The Agent Address can now be assigned by ISO3 code. The Communication type now takes an exact match first.

CFM Settings

  • Added a new position data API for provider Clearwater Tracking. Please contact our helpdesk in case you want to retrieve data from this provider

Cloud Ship Manager integrates your fleet directly into all processes, is intuitively usable and enables your crew, to capture data at sea and to forward it to the office. Through this, your crew on board and your personnel on shore fuse to jointly acting teams.

• You can now sort the list of vessel certificates alphabetically for the columns 'Name', 'UTN' and 'Code'.

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