If something happens, you will know. With CFM Go all your data from the Portal is always right with you.

As users of Cloud Fleet Manager know, our system does not only provide you with everything you need to handle the daily tasks in a shipping company but also centralizes all data and drastically reduces time spend looking for information. Now we went one step further.

Less on your shoulders, more in your hands. Say hello to CFM Go

Our mobile developers have gone the extra mile and delivered an exceptional app that does not only simplify your daily tasks but also brings joy to work with. We are particularly proud of what they have achieved and are happy to announce our brand new mobile app: CFM Go!


As the latest addition to our Cloud Fleet Manager portfolio, CFM Go makes sure that you won't miss any important event and enables you to access all data from CFM Portal comfortably on the move using your smartphone. Always be aware of recent activities, immediately gain insights into the statuses of your vessels, news of the fleet or access any other information from the Portal.

Say good bye to tedious communication processes to exchange information, simply open CFM Go and you are all set.

If something happens, you will know

We know that every hour counts to meet deadlines and customer demands. That’s why we added the option to subscribe to proactive notifications for all our modules. As soon as something relevant to you happens in any module, you will receive a push notification and can immediately take action. This way you can be sure to not miss any important event even if you don’t check the app actively.

Never lose focus - Insights always in sight

An innovative news section and a dedicated dashboard that provides you with all information on vessels you are responsible for ensure that you are always up-to-date. You are immediately aware of your upcoming tasks for the day or critical cases. Whether disturbances, expiring certificates, off hires, claims, upcoming dockings or bunkers that have to be confirmed. You won’t miss any important events.

Start your day off with a quick glimpse at CFM Go and be all set for success.

Mobile management, it’s that simple

What if all you need to keep up with everything that’s going on in your company fits right into your pocket? You won’t have to ask your colleagues for information or check briefing mails or excel files to see what’s going on. You simply take out your phone and you know it. It’s that easy!

Need to check the schedules of your fleet, the crew on board or current off hires? Simply have a look at the fleet section of CFM Go and you have all the information you need.

Would you like to have an overview about the locations of your vessels or do you need to check current zones of war risk? A quick tap on the map section provides you with all details on your fleet movement as well as other critical information.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could check the availability of your colleagues or even plan your own absences on the go? Whether holidays, travels or out-of-office appointments, handle everything comfortably with your smartphone. Simply add, edit or delete requests using CFM Go.

Are you responsible for approving holiday or travel requests? With CFM Go you always have a quick overview about all pending absences and can manage them centrally. Easily approve or decline requests with a swipe of your finger. It’s just that easy!

These are just a few examples of the many ways that CFM Go will help to ease your daily life.

Turn your smartphone into something more - Don’t waste valuable time and money, be in the know with CFM Go!

Stay excited for more upcoming updates on our app and make sure to check our blog on a regular basis or subscribe to our newsletter to not miss out on any innovations.

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