March 18, 2020

Business continuity at Hanseaticsoft

Keeping the shipping industry up and running during the coronavirus disruption

By Alexander Buchmann

Business continuity at Hanseaticsoft

Whether you’re using Cloud Fleet Manager or are considering to give it a try under the current circumstances, we want you to know that Hanseaticsoft has plans in place to ensure we remain up and running.

While our customers rely on Cloud Fleet Manager to uphold their business, regardless of whether their offices have closed or might close in the next couple of days, other shipping companies are considering us as a potential solution to enable remote work. So, you’re most likely wondering if Cloud Fleet Manager is up to the task of helping your company continue working through this pandemic.

For those of you already using Cloud Fleet Manager, we are taking this opportunity to provide more insights into our business continuity strategy, so you can be confident that we will keep our products and services available throughout this disruption. And, for those of you not yet using Cloud Fleet Manager, we wanted to provide some information about our product offering, some general information on reliability, and a contact to learn more.

Keeping our business running

Like many other businesses, we have taken steps to ensure that the health and well-being of our employees is the top priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. We instantly prepared our business and developed a pandemic-specific playbook that we already started to follow.

To limit the risk posed to our employees, we have decided that our entire team can work remotely until the risk has been reduced. We are fortunate enough that our business allows our teams to work remotely, without causing any issues to our services or productivity. A significant number of employees from various departments, such as development, support, accounting, and even marketing, frequently seizes the opportunity to work remotely while being digitally connected to the rest of the team.

We have already installed routines and established a company culture that’s compatible with remote work. Also, most of the tools we use daily are available without the need to have our staff in the same location. So all our employees are safe and can continue working as usual - wherever they are.

Keeping our product running

Cloud Fleet Manager grew into a global business. On any given day, more than 80% of our users are located outside Germany. Our system architecture is designed to automatically adapt to the waves of traffic throughout the day. Additionally, every customer has its allocated minimum of resources assigned to a data center region from which the demand is usually originating. Subsequently, Cloud Fleet Manager is deployed in different Microsoft Azure data centers around the world to ensure redundancy, if one region becomes unhealthy or goes offline entirely.

The demands on our infrastructure don’t change when employees no longer work together in the same building. There is no difference in the load on our systems, whether people are connecting from their office, a cellular network, a hotel room, or their home.

If you want to start using Cloud Fleet Manager

We recently started to advertise a special plan that contains several applications of the Cloud Fleet Manager suite.

We call it Cloud Fleet Manager - Efficiency Booster. A bundle that focuses on our collaboration tools specifically designed for the commercial maritime industry. You can start to use it right away and thus skip any timely installation and onboarding phases.

Getting started on any new tool can be hard, especially under challenging circumstances. And we want to help, so we are offering a variety of resources to help you get going on Cloud Fleet Manager right away as part of your management of this crisis. Please get in touch to set up a 20-minute call to help you get started.

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