A look back and ahead

A lot has happened in the past year and we look forward to 2018 with great anticipation and enthusiasm.

Dear all,

A lot has happened in the past year. Our organization has grown and we are now a happy family of more than 40 colleagues located in Hamburg and 10 developers from apolloBytes in Armenia. In April we opened our first commercial office in Copenhagen. Our two new colleagues Nils Andersen and Kasper Riedel did a great job as Sales Managers right from the start spreading the word about Cloud Fleet Manager worldwide along with our colleagues in Hamburg. We are very proud to announce that 15 companies have chosen Cloud Fleet Manager as their ship management solution in 2017. Adding more than 500 vessels to our system. The most exciting news last year was our partnership with Lloyd's Register that has made a significant investment in our company with the clear intention of taking a leading position in the digital transformation of the maritime industry. The first nine months have been great, and we are very enthusiastic on deepening our relations even further in 2018.

Even more has happened regarding our product. In April we released our MRV solution “Cloud MRV”, which offers an easy to use interface for entering the information needed to be compliant with the EU MRV regulation. At Hanseaticsoft we are very proud of being able to offer intuitive and beautifully designed applications which use the latest technology available. Hence, we decided to give all our modules a fresh new design, further increasing the ease of use of all our modules by reducing the complexity even more. By putting in a lot of extra effort and using the most modern technologies available we have managed to make our new modules available in all modern browsers and on tablets. Now you can simply choose the operating system and browser which mostly suits your company’s needs and run our applications just as you like. Until today 10 apps have received a design refresh and many more will follow this year.

Our most challenging software development project in 2017 certainly was our maintenance module “Cloud Maintenance”. We also added a lot of new functionality to our purchasing module, e.g. making it possible for users to import quotations as PDF files directly into the application by using pattern matching and AI without the need to manually transfer anything. Additionally, we recently launched a purchase companion app for your mobile devices and at our Captains’ breakfast we gave our guests a glimpse into the future of ship management by demonstrating a holographic mission control center using the Microsoft HoloLens. Overall, we have added more than 700 new features and enhancements to our existing modules of Cloud Fleet Manager in 2017.

So what´s next?

We will continue our design refresh for our existing apps. Releases are currently being prepared for our modules Inspections & Audits, Circulars and Towage Jobs. Our biggest release by far in 2018 will be the new version of our Cloud Crewing module which will not only add a lot of new functionalities, it will also comprise our new Crew Portal where seamen can login and update their data, check their next assignments and much more. Further, a dry docking module is on our roadmap. We will add more mobile apps throughout the year giving users faster access to relevant data and functionalities of their CFM applications and we will of course continue to update our existing modules.

At Hanseaticsoft we always have an eye on the latest developments in technology trying to identify cool new features which will help us transform ship management and close the gap to other industries who already have a lead in the progress of digitalization. As a next step forward, we are experimenting with some hot new stuff which will give our clients new possibilities to interact with their business data in the cloud. Stay excited!

Finally, we want to thank all our clients for their great support throughout the year. This, as well as the fascinating challenges ahead of us, make us look forward to 2018 with great anticipation and enthusiasm.

Alexander Buchmann

by Alexander Buchmann
on January 15, 2018
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